February 27, 2012

oscar murillo

Drawings off the wall (1-4),  2011
Oscar Murillo was born in 1986 in Colombia. He lives and works in London, UK. Employing the idea of sacrificial work, which is used as a tool to make another, Oscar perpetuates the cycle and the idea goes on, propelled by failure, beginning and ending with failure.

Eat this (mother fucker!)2011

Assimilating ideas of archaeology, collapse, ruin, and restructuring within these processes Oscar’s ouvre becomes a series of paintings and sculptural objects using a variety of materials. Folded away on the peripheries of his studio floor, rejected off-cuts of canvasses begin to show evidence of activity in the studio - dirt, dust, and fluids are marks present on its surfaces.

You're never as good as the first one, 130x95x50cm, 2011


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