August 15, 2010

Turner and the Masters | Prado Museum | Madrid

The following are my picks from the Turner and the Masters show at the Prado Museum, Madrid.  August 4, 2010 - The Turner show was the start to my excellent day at the Prado.

jw turner, limekiln at coalbrookdale. 1797

jw turner, the fall of an avalanche in the grinsons. 1810

jw turner, snow storm: hannibal and his army crossing the alps, 1812.

"The aim of Turner and the Masters is to reveal the extent of Turner’s links with other historically important artists and the profoundly original way in which he assimilated their influence. This comparison will assist in an understanding of how Turner’s approach to and assimilation of other artists was intended not just as an homage to them but also involved a subtle and highly original type of transformation of their teachings." Click here to learn more about JW Turner.

jw turner, peace, burial at sea. 1842
francis danby, subject from revelations, 1829.
jw turner, light and colour (goethe's theory)/the morning after the deluge, 1843.

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