August 9, 2010

The Computing Centre and the Seminar "Automatic Generation of Artistic Forms"

Manuel Barbadillo - Roseta 1967
In 1966, at the height of Franco era development, the Computing Centre of the Complutense University of Madrid began its operation, under the direction of the mathematician Florentino Briones. Starting in 1968, the Centre put into motion a pioneering project in the use of computers for artistic creation, by organizing a seminar under the title "Automatic Generation of Artistic Forms", which brought together an important group of artists, architects, mathematicians, economists, etc. The huge number of participants reveals to what point new technologies, the embodiment of the future society, were able to pull together the aesthetic and extra-aesthetic concerns in the Spain of the time. Despite its short duration, the experience marked the later career of many of its participants, not just in procedures and the use of the technologies, but also in the experimentation with materials, forms, and new work methods.

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