October 19, 2008

Love, Giorgio Morandi

Morandi's paintings aren't big....they are sort of quiet and yet really alive....I really dug the consistency of his paint, the non-color colors, the crowds of bottles, cartons, shells, and pared-down landscapes....the roominess of his small compositions....the proto-Guston, proto-Rothko, proto-Cezanne-ness of his work....and yet they're entirely Morandi paintings....his brushwork will surprise you....the watercolors and etchings will surprise you.....his three horizon lines will surprise you.....there are 110 works in this comprehensive survey, the first of its kind in the US.....don't miss it, it is up at the Met until December 14. (Thanks MBH)

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painttwits said...

I have not seen this water color before. Thanks for posting it.