August 19, 2008

mellow candle

If you've been getting your hippy on this summer like I have, you may want to check out, Mellow Candle. I was turned onto Mellow Candle a few years ago, and just today finally got copies of their records, "Swaddling Songs" and "The Virgin Prophet-Unreleased Sessions 1969-70." Outrageously good if you're at all interested in the British/Irish Folk Rock Psychedelic Explosion at the end of the 1960's - beginning of the 70's.

Described as, "Dynamic arrangements, exquisite harmonies, lyrically intoxicating and mischievously mysterious, the voices, songs and vision of the writers within Mellow Candle are, like a wardrobe into Narnia or the sleepinduced faerie of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, the gateway to another world. Often compared, erroneously, to Renaissance — with whom there is only the superficial comparison of piano-led arrangements — Mellow Candle occupy a unique place in the prog pantheon, an Irish group with almost no Irish reference points and bearing more relation to Jethro Tull as fronted by Siouxsie Sioux and Judy Dyble with Vincent Crane on the keys. It’s crazy but it’s true."
superthanks DK.

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