March 21, 2008

In Our Time

Been meaning to put this out amazing program (podcast) from BBC Radio 4. Check out "In Our Time," where Melvyn Bragg and his smarty pants guests investigate the history of ideas. Recent programs that you can listen to online in their archives:

Søren Kierkegaard - fear and trembling in Copenhagen
The Greek Myths - soap opera of the gods
Ada Lovelace - prophet of the computer age
King Lear - Shakespeare's finest fairy tale
The Multiverse - the universe is not enough
The Statue of Liberty - From France with love...
The Social Contract - Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau and the Origins of Society
The Court of Rudolf II - the lost powerhouse of Renaissance ideas
Plate Tectonics - the day the Earth moved
The Fisher King - the wound that does not heal
The Charge of the Light Brigade - "All in the valley of Death rode the six hundred"
Albert Camus - Rebel with a Cause
The Nicene Creed - when Christ became God
The Four Humours - yellow bile, blood, choler and phlegm in the original theory of everything
The Sassanian Empire - in the shadow of Ancient Persia
Genetic Mutation - the error-strewn secrets of life
The Fibonacci Sequence - the numbers in nature
The Prelude - the greatest poem in the English language?
The Discovery of Oxygen - feuds and revolutions at the birth of modern chemistry
Avicenna - wine, women and philosophy
Guilt - what is it good for?
Taste - the good, the bad and the ugly in 18th century Britain
The Arabian Nights - the art of story-telling
Divine Right of Kings - "there's such divinity doth hedge a king"
Antimatter - where has it all gone?
Socrates - the man and the myth

Click on the IN OUR TIME link above to go to their homepage (subscribe to the podcast, access the program archive, the philosophy resource, and find a further research page about all their programs).

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