February 21, 2008

Gustave Courbet

Marine: The Waterspout, 1870

Pretty exciting....Gustave Courbet at the Metropolitan Museum (
The Tisch Galleries, 2nd floor) beginning THIS Wednesday, February 27, 2008 through May 18, 2008.

I went today thinking the show was already open, but still got to spend a bunch of time checking out the incredible, Marine: Waterspout, which is part of the permanent collection.

This will be the first full retrospective of the French artist Gustave Courbet (1819� - 1877) in 30 years, presenting some 130 works by this pioneering figure in the history of modernism, from his seminal manifesto-paintings of the 1850s to the views of his native Ornans and portraits of his friends and family. They are accompanied by a selection of 19th-century photographs that relate to his work, especially his landscapes and nudes. The works are drawn from public and private collections in the U.S. and abroad.

I have linked an interesting article from the NY Review of Books.

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