February 27, 2007

o bookplate wonder.....

if you love books, you have probably considered the bookplate.

People collect bookplates.....I should have guessed.

These collections are highly organized and classified and revolve around famous people / authors, genre, geographical parameters, image......whatever your bent might be.

Above you will see the bookplates of Sci Fi author, George Barr......British conjurer and psychic, Harry Price.....father of Psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud.....and a favorite poet, Hart Crane.

check-out the amazing bookplatejunkie

February 18, 2007

go bird go

Emergent structures are patterns not created by a single event or rule. There is nothing that commands the system to form a pattern, but instead the interactions of each part to its immediate surroundings causes a complex process which leads to order. One might conclude that emergent structures are more than the sum of their parts because the emergent order will not arise if the various parts are simply coexisting; the interaction of these parts is central. Emergent structures can be found in many natural phenomena, from the physical to the biological domain. Flocking is a common demonstration of emergence and emergent behavior.

February 13, 2007

high times, hard times

high times, hard times opens at the national academy museum
thursday, february 15

jo baer - lynda benglis - dan christensen - roy colmer - mary corse - david diao - manny farber - louise fishman - guy goodwin - ron gorchov - harmony hammond - mary heilmann - ralph humphrey - jane kaufman - harriet korman - yayoi kusama - al loving - lee lozano - ree morton - elizabeth murray - joe overstreet - blinky palermo - cesar paternosto - howardena pindell - dorthea rockburne - carolee schneeman - alan shields - kenneth showell - joan snyder - lawrence stafford - pat steir - richard tuttle - richard van buren - michael venezia - franz erhard walther - jack whitten - peter young

not to be missed....

February 10, 2007


anthony mc call at sean kelly gallery from feb 2 - march 17
you and i, horizontal (I) 2005
computer file, digital projector, fog machine

thought that i wouldn't care, but i did....take a friend.

thks jj + mvd.

folk-off already.....

sexteto electronico moderno - sounds from the elegant world
popol vuh - herz aus glas: coeur de verre (filmmusik)
baby dee - baby dee plays piano
dungen - ta det lugnt
donovan - troubadour, the definitive collection 1964-1976
richard thompson - grizzly man (filmmusik)
benny goodman - bluebird's best: the legendary small groups
joni mitchell - clouds
frederic mompou - piano music vol. 4, jordi maso
fleetwood mac - tusk
bonnie 'prince' billy - the letting go
cat power - what would the community think
galaxie 500 - today
fairport convention - what we did on our holiday
bongwater - double bummer

for m.a.

February 9, 2007

....i'm beating SAD

i've got my visor on...i will be thinking happy interesting thoughts any minute now.....i just know it.

February 5, 2007

a sweet romantic place.....

here's a little something for your 'the world is running down' blues....

February 2, 2007

magnetotaxis....i want it.

Magnetospirillum (Magnetospirillum magnetotacticum) is a microaerophilic magnetotactic bacterium, first isolated from pond water by the microbiologist R. P. Blakemore in 1975.

It is characterized by a spirillar, or helical, morphology. It is also a motile bacterium owing to the presence of flagella.

The typical habitat of Magnetospirillum consists of shallow fresh water and sediments, characterized by low concentrations of oxygen for growth (microaerophilic) where it lives in the upper portion of the sediment.

Probably the most peculiar characteristic of Magnetospirillum is its capacity to orient itself according to Earth's magnetic field, an ability which has been named magnetotaxis.

This is achieved through the presence into the bacterium's cytoplasm of special organelles called magnetosomes.

dig it.