July 23, 2007

totes toast.

Dear Superdigit Friends, my trusty G4 Powerbook bit the dust last week taking lots of magic data into the void....my hard drive is toast and needs to be replaced. Good news is Applecare.....bad news is my last back up was months ago.


Anonymous said...

That is HORRIBLE. Nothing worse. My sincerest condolences... you deserve a BIG beer and a smooth toke... best of luck repairing the digital extension of your mind.

Anonymous said...

yeah. that is a bad break, esp in the digi era. at lease you have your wits about you.

babylonsister said...

Thanks for the kind words digipals....here's some good news...I had forgotten about the TOTAL data back-up I made in May 2007....my computer is starting to feel like my robo-self again.