March 15, 2007

uncle LD's high bias podcast

need something smart and satisfying for your ears......fill up your iPod with Uncle LD's High Bias podcast.

this podcast from the village voice's LD Beghtol has been on at the studio, the subway, the walking's been on.
I don't know what was up with february (and part of march), but it has been DARK.....i've been fighting the doom and the gloom
with large sticks.......and as uncle LD says, these selections will "probably not make it any better, but perhaps get you through the next hour."

new songs, moody songs, songs you haven't heard at all, so far there are 30 podcasts....LD has a rainbow, kittens, cotton candy, and unicorns 4 ever mix, one with special guest Stephin Merritt, an easy listening for the self-absorbed and stay-at-home set, one for legend James Brown, a brief tour of the non-urban mentality mix, tunes to break your're getting the picture.

check out this interview with LD to learn more about his other musical projects, his bands, and his book from the 33 1/3 series about the magnetic field's 69 love songs.