December 1, 2006

fallen angel - documentary film on the music and life of gram parsons

gram parsons is so rad..........i have probably owned grievous angel for 10 years and not really gotten into it...took me a while to finally 'hear him' i just rented this'll discover his voice is where it is really at.... the documentary, "fallen angel," gives us the scoop on the young gram, a rich kid from an eccentric florida family, full of alcoholics, suicides, and repressed feelings.....we then find out that unfortunately, GP himself ends up with all kinds of substance abuse issues, and finally od's at 26.....there is the oft repeated story of his last rites, whatever.....instead, focus on listening to GPs music during this dvd, he hangs out with keith richards, his band the flying burrito brothers go to altamount with the stones, dig GPs totally glam country look, he and the band wear 'nudie cohn' suits like his hero buck owens....grams suit (see picture) is embroidered with pills, pot leaves and poppie flowers........i've had the GP anthology on heavy's hard to pickk faves, but hot burrito #1, you don't miss your water, and wheels, are all most excellent tracks. the stuff he does with emmylou harris is just mind bending country music.

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