December 8, 2006

the chinese pigeon whistle + the metropolitan museum of art

the Metropolitan Museum of Art is astounding....everything about it is awesome....i think it even smells good.....AND, i am going next week, so sad to think that even though i live here, i only get up to the Met a few times a, here at the end of 2006 i am taking a friend, and one of the things i am going to show him.....up on the second floor, right above the armor display (which is a whole other amazing subject) a huge collection of musical instruments from all over the is so cool because the place is almost always empty......ironic.....a total quiet treasure is this room full of sonic objects....and once again there is much to see and possibly discuss.....but what i would like to turn you onto are the Chinese Pigeon Whistles....totally small....really well made + extra elegant, these whistles were/are attached to the pigeon....and then when they fly around..... the whistles, whistle......from what i have read this practice doesn't really have any practical applications, it is just to produce nice noise......and they are super handsome......i encourage you to check them out.....remember, the Met has donation admission which means you pay what you can afford.

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